4 Ways to Use Wood in Your Kitchen

Posted on: 11 November 2015

There are different types of building materials that you can use when constructing your kitchen cabinets, countertops, island and flooring. Marble and granite are popular options, but wood is a material that is quickly becoming an important part of current kitchen design trends. This means that you can add value and style to your kitchen by choosing to add wooden kitchen furniture or wood to the overall design of your kitchen in 4 unique ways.


It is possible to mix different types of wood to allow for more depth in your kitchen space. Visual depth can easily be created by pairing stain finish dark teak wood cabinets in your kitchen with floors that are made out of Douglas Fir wood. Douglas fir is a much lighter wood and will offset the dark finish of the cabinets. Combining two different types of wood within your kitchen space is a great way to add a unique style that is noticeable.

Wood and Steel

Adding furniture to your kitchen that combines both wood and steel materials is also one of the most popular kitchen design trends. These two materials are known to look good when paired together and can be used to create one furniture item. A kitchen table made out of steel and dark wood can be the ideal addition to your kitchen space. It offers a style that is uniquely contrasted, but also very sleek in design. Instead of having a traditional wooden kitchen and chairs placed in your kitchen, you can choose furniture made from both wood and black steel.

Wooden Wall

It is also possible to use wood to create an accent wall within your kitchen You can choose to have a kitchen island installed with criptomeria wood and then use the same type of wood for the accent wall in the same space. This will draw the eye of anyone that enters your kitchen and make an immediate style statement. Instead of creating an accent wall with only the use of paint, you can choose to install wood paneling to the wall. Just make sure that it is a similar type of wood that is already present in furniture that is placed within your kitchen to allow for a cohesive style.

Wooden Benches

It is also a current kitchen design trend to add benches into your kitchen that are topped with wood and painted white. This adds a contrasting style element that can add warmth and light to any type of kitchen, especially those with an open floor plan.