• Which Grade of Teak Should You Buy for Outdoor Furniture?

    Teak is a popular wood for both indoor and outdoor furniture. While the quality of wood may be more of a cosmetic issue if you're buying teak furniture for inside your home, it may matter more when you buy furniture for your garden. Teak comes in different grades, and the grade you buy may affect how long your furniture lasts and how good it looks over time. Teak Furniture Gradings
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  • 4 Ways to Use Wood in Your Kitchen

    There are different types of building materials that you can use when constructing your kitchen cabinets, countertops, island and flooring. Marble and granite are popular options, but wood is a material that is quickly becoming an important part of current kitchen design trends. This means that you can add value and style to your kitchen by choosing to add wooden kitchen furniture or wood to the overall design of your kitchen in 4 unique ways.
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  • The advantages of getting custom made cabinets for your kitchen

    When remodelling your kitchen, you are faced with many different choices. One of the more important ones is what type of cabinets you should get. The cabinets make up most of the furniture in your kitchen, so the look of them will do a lot to the overall look of your kitchen. The most basic option to choose between when choosing cabinets is whether or not to buy custom made cabinets.
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