• Three Furniture Items to Consider Having Custom-Made

    When you're furnishing your home, there are some things you can afford to save money on. For most purposes, for example, one coffee table is much the same as another: even an inexpensive one can look great and last for years. Other things, though, you really want to get right. If you're trying to decide where to splash out, there are a few times that are perfectly suited to it--things you'd do well to have made bespoke to ensure that they perfectly meet your needs.
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  • Barbecues and Camping: A Quick Fire Guide to Choosing Your Equipment.

    There are many simple pleasures to be found in the great outdoors: clean, fresh air; a level of peace and tranquillity that is seldom achieved in modern urban life; the majesty of a starry night sky unpolluted by electric light. Equal or greater than any of these pleasures, without question, is a well-executed camp barbecue. With this in mind, take a moment to consider the following guide to camping barbecues to ensure that you get the most out of your barbecue experience.
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  • How to Increase Your Café Patronage with the Right Interior Design

    Looking to increase the amount of customers who visit your café and return day after day? Improving your interior design could be the solution. Here are 3 ways better design and café furniture choices can increase your café's patronage. Pick a Theme & Stick to It A theme is simply one idea or concept that weaves your entire café design together. Don't get worried about themes making everything too linear or uniform – a varied, "
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