The advantages of getting custom made cabinets for your kitchen

Posted on: 28 October 2015

When remodelling your kitchen, you are faced with many different choices. One of the more important ones is what type of cabinets you should get. The cabinets make up most of the furniture in your kitchen, so the look of them will do a lot to the overall look of your kitchen. The most basic option to choose between when choosing cabinets is whether or not to buy custom made cabinets.

The cost

The biggest concern for many people when they are trying to choose between custom made and prefabricated cabinets is the cost. In general, custom made cabinets tend to be more expensive, but it depends on what you want. It's hard to compare even if you are choosing between custom made and prefabricated cabinets made from the exact same material. The custom made option might be more expensive, but it will also come with higher quality, as the cabinet maker will make educated decisions based on your particular kitchen.

The price can also add up pretty similarly with these two options when it's time to install the cabinets. A cabinet maker will have made the pieces with your kitchen in mind, therefore it probably won't take too long to install. Installing is half the job when choosing prefabricated options, and this might be where they charge you more than someone making custom made solutions for you will. Another big advantage of choosing custom made cabinets is the fact that they will fit your kitchen perfectly. There's no need to use any filler material, like you maybe would have to do if you got prefabricated cabinets.

The difference with big and small businesses

Availability and scheduling is a reason why custom made cabinets might be the better option. A larger company that delivers premade solutions have more customers than a smaller cabinet maker specialising in custom made furniture. A busier schedule means you won't be their top priority, and actually getting your cabinets installed might take some time, especially since you are also working with other contractors to fit the rest of your kitchen who all have their own schedules.

What's also worth considering is that cabinet makers running a small business will put their personal brand on the line when manufacturing products for you. A bad reputation is bad for all sorts of companies, but as the cabinet makers produce their cabinets themselves, it can be even more important for them to maintain a good reputation. This might get you to be able to trust them a little bit more than larger companies, as they will make sure everything from quality, to installation is satisfactory.