A Guide to the Materials Used in Furniture Design

Posted on: 25 October 2018

One of the most important factors in furniture design is the material that is used. This can include glass and various types of wood. Types of wood that may be used include cedar, mahogany, oak, cherry, chestnut, chestnut, fir, elm and maple. The type of furniture that you choose may depend highly on the material used.


Glass furniture is made using toughened glass. This is because normal glass will break when exposed to pressure. Toughened glass can be made by heating a sheet of normal glass and then quickly exposing it to cold air. This causes the surface of the glass to contract and solidify. Toughened glass is typically used to make tables.


Cedar is a soft wood with a red tone. Cedar produces a sweet aroma. It is often used in the lining of closets or to make chests. Cedar is resistant to decay, and its texture does not vary, making it an easy type of wood to work with.


Mahogany is a hardwood with a brown-red colour. It is resistant against shrinking, warping and swelling. It is typically used for high-quality furniture including cabinets, dressers and tables.


Oak is a light-coloured hardwood. It can be stained for a darker finish. Oak is durable, and it can resist the absorption of moisture. Oak can be used for a range of furniture, including drawers, beds and tables.


Cherry wood is a hardwood that transforms into a redder colour when it is exposed to sunlight. Cherry wood has a long life span, as it is effective at resisting the shrinking and warping that commonly occurs in wood. Cherry wood is typically used to make cabinets and furniture handles.


Chestnut wood is another hardwood. Chestnut wood is generally used for small external furniture items such as fencing, shingles and barrels.


Chipboard is an artificial type of wood that is made using real woodchips. Chipboard is generally used in the structure of cabinets and kitchen furniture. The chipboard is then covered with a wood veneer or laminate.


Elmwood is highly resistant against splitting, as the grains in the wood are interlocked. Elmwood is generally used for chair seats.


Fir is a softwood that does not vary in texture. It is generally used for doors, window frames, trim and picture frames. However, it is not very effective at resisting rot and decay.


Maple is a light-coloured hardwood with a great degree of strength and solidity. However, it can be subject to a level of shrinking. Maple is typically used in fine furniture where many joins are used.